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Our Radars

We find stock which have significant signal everyday


StockRadars invented from investors. Almost of stock application are lack of design, so investors need to learn how to use. We listen to them for make it better.

Save your time

You can check each of your interesting Radars within 1 minute

Technical Chart

We provide stock technical analysis wherever you want, check our Radars from the past to predict the future

Radars Builder

Combine existing Radars or set your criteria to build your unique Radars


StockRadars will act as your personal marketing by alerting when the stock reaches the price or meet the criteria which you need

What is StockRadars ?

StockRadars empowers you by reducing your sourcing time and mitigating portfolio risk. We use entire stock market data to analyze each stock indicates stock matching each "Radars" criteria, and present in a super user-friendly way as a game. You can choose Radars which suitable for you. Let StockRadars become your investment partners !

investing made simple

Nowadays, all of us don't have a lack of information problems. In contrast, we have flooded of information around us. Most of newcomers imagine that stock has a lot of complex things, then we try to organize them and display with simplify concept to show you it's not complicate as you think.


Get all Radars with 5,000 ฿ per year (EXCLUDE Open Radars). You can choose your payment solution from below, in case of multi-devices users you can buy once to get all devices. (Can't use at the same time)

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